It was love at first sight. We were still mourning Puccini’s death (yeah, we cried for our four legs friend), we went to fetch you to the vet. You were the shyest, the skinniest and shrunken of the three kitten the vet showed us.

We have chosen you for your baby blue eyes, always half closed, mysterious. We didn’t know what was waiting for us. You were, and are, a terror. Deceiver. Demanding. But yet, a sweet.
Time became us, friends. Each one has her own space. Both felines. Sometimes we appreciate and respect being together watching a movie or just playing. There are times when I work and you snuggle up. Other occasions we just stay away. We need our independence. You go to your loft. I close myself in the office, doing my stuff.
We learned the flaws of each other. I believe you put a spell on me, Cookie. The way you are. Your ability to give and ask for tenderness. Is delightful. And, what about your captivating eyes? They hypnotize, charm and seduce.
Cookie, you’re the craziest cat I ever met. Half cat, half monkey, with your jinks you make ironing, one of my painful tasks, to look fun. And you’re cheeky! When I’m working on the laptop you start walking over the keyboard, curling your tail, just telling me it’s time to finish and pay you some attention.
At night, we still have our little game, don’t we? The sneak and hide before going to bed. If I forget that, you star mewing in a very sad way, almost if you were crying. Then I get up and bring next to me.
You’re such a baby, Cookie!

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