via Daily Prompt: Meander

Meander, winding, to slip away. A common practice nowadays. Evasion of responsibilities. Meanders hurt, they hit others. I speak for myself, I wasted twelve years of my life devoted to my husband. In vain.

I mean, when you control the existence of others, their wellbeing, you seek for reciprocity. That´s when the meanders emerge. There’s always someone willing to slip away. Their overwhelming jobs force them to end the relationship. But that’s not the worse excuse you can hear. They might tell you that you are not quite the ideal of beauty they fantasied. OK, you´re not the Prom Queen they were expecting. Everything goes when it comes to slipping away from us.

Living in the female universe is tough. Either we accept the rules imposed by the stone creatures (the men), telling us how we should behave and look, our measures as if we were livestock, and we live in the meanders of a chauvinist universe, where we are invisible dolls without a will of our own, knowing that values like trustworthiness, belief, are just empty words, or we say NO and see them walk away. There they go, slinky, soap opera actors who lost their role because the script was changed.

These are the meanders of my life. In relationships, either you settle what you accept from each other from the beginning, or soon your relationship will end, lost in the lack of authenticity of what remained silenced.

That’s why I remain alone.

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